#indiesvspewdiepie was a Game jam hosted by Game Jolt and GameMaker to promote their website through pewdiepie’s fans. It definitely seemed to work! I think in the end there were over 700 games that were created in under 72 hours specifically for that occasion. A staggering number just for the small chance that pewdiepie might review the game!

I’d say all in all it was a really good learning experience and definitely encouraging that we got such a high rating on our title: “The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Explosion head”, despite the fact that we hadn’t compiled the game to HTML5 and therefore probably lost out on loads of votes. I can’t really help being a little disappointed that we hadn’t released it properly but considering the comments that were received, it was nice just to be noticed by “the outsiders” – not just friends and family! Plus, people seemed to like it! That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

If you’d like to check out the game, it’s available for download (For PC Users only at the moment!) at the following link:

NOTE: If you want us to make this available for Mac or Browser based, we’d love to know. We’ll make it for you if we get enough requests! Contact us: [email protected]


Assad and Ben posing like bad asses – Let the work commence!

The decision to participate was an easy one. It didn’t seem like such a huge challenge (boy, were we wrong!) and it was a perfect opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles and see what we could achieve in such a short amount of time. To be honest, having known people that had participated in similar sorts of game jams, it seemed like a logical decision to go for it since we would at least have a product at the end of it – no matter how rubbish it turned out.

The first obstacle, really, was getting the man power. There was no way that me and Ben could the game together by ourselves, to a quality that we wanted in that short amount of time. Besides, Ben was at work on the Friday when it started so he was losing 12 hours that could have been spent working on the game. We managed to rope our good friend Assad in to help us make the music and most of my day was spent doing “taxi service” by driving around picking people up! As much as I wish I could have spent time composing music for the game, I had no choice but to produce all the art required and was therefore scribbling away from the minute I rolled out of bed on Friday.

I guess, we sort of had an idea of what we wanted to make. Ben thought it was probably simplest to make a physics based game. We suspected everyone else would have had the same idea but he was confident that he could make the game challenging enough with unique mechanics to make it fun to play. I think before he left for work that morning, we had agreed that our main character would have an exploding head so that I had something to start from. The original sketches started emerging on Friday afternoon.


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