Arrogant Pixel Small LogoOne year and several ideas later we have a game under development. It is still in its early stages and currently there is only one sprite in game and several placeholder tiles some of which you may recognize.

The game uses procedural generation for everything including the world, characters and items and is highly focused on exploration and the multiplayer experience. You play an unnamed character who finds themselves stranded on an unnamed island with a shovel and a map. As the game progresses more items become available through interaction with the environment, exploration, questing and dungeon crawling and players attain new ways to explore, new abilities and gain new information about what else is possible in their world.

At the moment the multiplayer functionality is working great over LAN connections but as of yet has only been tested locally.

Here are some early screenshots from world generation and AI tests:

Building structures is always fun..


..and so is cutting grass!


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