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The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Episode 2

Passing away sucks… it turns out, dying can be a real hassle. Before getting your well-deserved rest, you need to travel through Limbo, a place full of bureaucrats that will make you miss your life on Earth. This is exactly where Doris found herself when she first arrived. And now she needs you to help her navigate the vast and confusing hallways of this Management complex in order to find her missing husband, Albert. But you must be careful, because there is a sinister plan taking place that threatens the very existence of reality and Doris may be the only one capable of thwarting it.

Indie studio, Arrogant Pixel, is happy to announce the anticipated sequel to Doris & the Dragon, its debut title, released five years ago. 

Doris & the Dragon 2 will be released on Steam on February 7th for €9.99/$11.99/£9.29. In this game, you play as the recently deceased, elderly lady Doris, on her way through the afterlife along with her new friend Norb, a Transitional Support Dragon. Witty and heartwarming, the first episode of the game gathered a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase, and what was supposed to be a second episode grew over the years until it became a full-blown sequel.



Arrogant Pixel
Based in London, England

Release date:
Friday 7th February 2020

PC / Mac / Linux
Android – (TBC)


Regular Price:

USD $11.99
EUR €9.99
CAD $13.49
GBP £9.29



 Coming soon since this game isn’t released yet – Don’t forget to keep up with our blog on IndieDB for the latest news!

  • BIGGER AND BETTER as requested by Doris fans! Episode 2 is a feature length title, almost three or four times larger than Episode 1! Better art, better animation, new characters and scenes to explore!
  • A PIXEL-ART GAME inspired by classic and retro titles from the 90s that are loved all over the world. All artwork created by the incredible DarkLitria
  • A POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE is a game genre that emphasises puzzle solving and quirky narrative. The minimalist nature of the interface allows the player to simply ‘point and click’ to explore the world.
  • FULLY VOICE-ACTED game; starring Ben Simpson, Jamie Wood and Daryl Kellie. Casting and voice-over recording by Ryan Callard
  • CREATED BY AN INDEPENDENT COMPANY Arrogant Pixel 100% self-publish, self-fund our projects and in-house all of our production
  • MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN is again, a big focus for Episode 2 with another full soundtrack by producer and composer, AssadB. Sound design and foley by Ryan Callard.
The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Episode 2 – Gameplay Trailer (2019) YouTube – Download it here

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon Episode 2 – Gameplay Trailer (2017) YouTube – Download it here

Reviews and Awards
Coming soon – Not released yet!
Ben Simpson
Founder, Lead Designer, Artist, Animator, Writer and Programmer

Jay Shin
Designer, Producer and Business Manager

Assad Bokhari
Designer, Music producer and composer

Ryan Callard
Designer, Foley and Voice over producer

DarkLitria (Safiyah Khan)
Artist and Animator

Jamie Wood
Voice Actor, Freelancer

Daryl Kellie
Voice Actor, Freelancer

Matt Golledge
Voice Actor, Freelancer

Benjamin Taylor
Voice Actor, Freelancer

About Arrogant Pixel

Formed in 2012 by Ben Simpson, Arrogant Pixel is best known for releasing “The Tale of Doris and the Dragon – Episode 1”, a point and click adventure that proved hugely popular on several indie portals such as Newgrounds in 2015. The original release of the game was created, almost single-handedly by Ben Simpson. Today, Arrogant Pixel is a small team of five game developers based in South West London. As an independent company, we have self-funded this project and we are working towards the launch of “The Tale of Doris and the Dragon – Episode 2” which is due for release in 2020.

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