EDIT Saturday 21st May 2016

Unfortunately, Glitch boy will not be in production for some time. Please keep checking back to the website for any updates regarding this project!

We are back after a long period of…well..not posting about games. We’ve been really busy with music projects and website projects (check out the new #HASHMATIKS site!) and working on Doris and the Dragon episode II. We are so overwhelmed with the support that we’ve received for the game, we are so happy that it has reached so many people.

However, since we have been working on this since January, we decided to take a small break and over the past couple of weeks we started to create something completely different. We will be back on production soon – don’t worry! If you want to keep up with news about Doris, then sign up to our mailing list!

For those of you with eagle eyes, you may have seen some posts on twitter about an upcoming Arrogant Pixel game. We are pleased to announce “The Adventures of Glitch boy in Bit land” will be released in September 2015.

It’s a twitch action platformer with a glitch-y twist! This unique mechanic allows Glitch boy to glitch through walls and platforms.

There’s trouble in Bit Land! Evil is stirring and it seems that nothing can stop the relentless corruption from taking over the save file. Help Glitch Boy fight off the maleficent terror that is tearing apart Bit land.

Get ready for some ram-riding, glitchy goodness coming very soon! We are planning to release on mobile app stores and steam!


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