So…basically, I woke up this morning and turns out we have over 8,000 views on our game with a 3.96 rating on Newgrounds which is currently still climbing (please – climb!!). We are still on the front page, still in the featured section…We only posted the game a week ago!

In Jay’s personal blog (you can read the full article by clicking this link), she briefly touched on how different the feel and fanbase was on Gamejolt and Kongregate (which are the two other sites we uploaded Episode 1 to) compared to Newgrounds.

Since The Tale of Doris and the Dragon certainly is not a casual, pick-up-and-play title, we had no idea what the reception was going to be like. We were expecting a few hundred views trickling through.

Clearly – we were mistaken.

The following was first posted on newgrounds earlier today in response to a few people having an issue with the audio:

The damned audio bug that a lot of people were complaining about has now been fixed plus one minor additional bug that had been reported by fans (ferryman bug now FIXED). Hopefully, there should be nothing more to sort out – as we really need to get on with Episode 2 and 3.

But PLEASE, feel free to let us know if you find any more bugs. If it’s to do with the engine, then we need to correct this as soon as possible.

I think we have one of the more livelier comment sections than is typical for a newgrounds game – but seems to have died down since the walkthrough was posted in the comments section. lol. Shout out to @Istanbul777 for taking the time to write it out. We really didn’t want to write it ourselves so thank you for doing it for us. [You may need to dig through the comments section to find it. We may post it on the main website in future]

Don’t worry – none of us have been paid to do this. We aren’t taking advantage.



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