Doris-comingsoonThis is our first official post about our upcoming release: The tale of Doris and the Dragon. Apart from some of the early artwork that has started emerging on the Facebook page, we have not really been too detailed in explaining what we’ve been up to! We hope to remedy that over the next few weeks.

Our newest video game title features an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. She must overcome many trials, tribulations and treacherous terrain in order to be reunited once more with her beloved husband in life, Albert.

Much of the story revolves around her and the way she interacts with this strange environment that she finds herself in. Despite all the weirdness and emptiness of limbo, unlikely friendships are forged along the way.

This game has been in production since early January and Ben has been working hard to get everything programmed in and has taken on most of the art duties. Assad is kindly providing a fully bespoke sound track for the game and we are looking forward to making it available to download as an OST once all three games are released.

We are currently looking at a tentative release date of Spring 2015, which isn’t actually too long from now! If everything goes to plan, we may actually be able to get this to you guys earlier.

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