This isn’t so much a Tutorial and therefore shouldn’t belong in this section. Eventually when the site gets a bit more fleshed out it will get re-posted in the news section as a feeble attempt at an update. But for now it’s here as a sort of taster of what’s to come in the tutorial section as I start explaining the difficulties I had in programming a few of these game engines.

Jackson created most of the artwork for these games, in the cases where he didn’t its pretty obvious. An example being Ichigo from bleach or the Super Smash Bros background in the multiplayer fighter.



The Platformer with the girl never got a name and though we are very proud of it, it proved far too time consuming in the art department.

Vortex is something I’m considering working on again very soon and the Terreria/2D-Minecraft looking game is something I’m currently developing to gain some knowledge on procedural generation and infinite worlds.

The music was kindly provided by a good friend of ours, the very talented chip artist AssadB.
You can find his music at his website or soundcloud right here.

AssadB Official Page
AssadB Official Soundcloud

All of the above was programmed entirely in the GML language in Game Maker Studio.

Hope you enjoy.

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